About Us

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<p style=H.A.S.S WEST AFRICA LTD. Hearing center is the pioneer hearing healthcare facility in the country that provides services in hearing rehabilitation.

Our practice began from 1996 at a time that Audiology services were not available in the country in Adabraka, Accra. However, after many years of practice we are now located at North Kaneshie, Directly Opposite Cocoa clinic with state of the art equipment, with purpose built consulting rooms.

Our aim is to provide our clients with clinical excellence and best practices which leads to ultimate client satisfaction. At HASS West Africa, your Hearing is our priority.

Audiological services offered by H.A.S.S are provided by an internationally acclaimed audiologist with several years of clinical practice in GUYANA, MAURITIUS, SOUTH AFRICA & GHANA. You can always be assured of holistic and professional service.

H.A.S.S, over the years, has always been the first choice of referral by ENT specialists, Pediatricians, Industrial Hygienist and other Medical practioners.


Why US

We always inspire our clients through our practical and thorough way of identifying what their actual problems are. We have a thorough understanding of what we do and are passionate about it. As a result we always receive dumbfounding reports from our clients. Every single session ends with undeniable satisfaction from our clients.


Our Fees

Our charges have been thought through well to reflect our holistic approach, providing real value and undeniable assurance. While our fees are certainly not the highest you'll find, we are unable to provide an in-depth, deeply personal and inspirational experience at an entry level cost.