Hearing Assessment

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We go beyond the standard hearing test carried out in most audiological centres. Being able to determine whether one hears and understand speech goes beyond the beeps and whistle through headsets. We go steps further in order to fully identify the possible cause and site of hearing loss.

This helps us to fully appreciate the hearing problem you have presented us with. We have well formulated world class test protocols that helps us to determine the nature of your hearing challenge in different hearing environments.

Our guidelines for assessment are always given priority over tests requested by physicians. The full test battery is always conducted to ensure adequate diagnosis and proper management. The Assessment Process

Your visit to our facility you may take between 15 minutes to about 90 minutes depending on the hearing problem you present us with and what we identify.

  • On your first visit you will be asked to complete a form to help us know you.
  • The Hearing Healthcare professional who will attend to you will come and fetch you to the office where you will tell your story. The procedure for the management of your condition will be explained to you.
  • The first step in determining the possible cause of your hearing problem you have presented is to look out for excessive wax, foreign growths and also to determine the integrity of the tympanic membrane.
  • Your middle ear is then tested to see if it’s working normally. This is a non evasive test that is done automatically.
  • Reflex tests are also done to help us determine the site and type of pathology.
  • A thorough Hearing, Listening and communication abilities assessment is done in a sound treated booth as is our practice and it painless and safe.
  • We investigate your level of hearing through Pure Tone Audiometry and how Speech is heard and Understood in different hearing conditions.
  • Depending on the results of your test, we may suggest advanced testing if needed and in some cases a referral to our ENT consultant. A follow-up after ENT consultation will be scheduled.
  • Results from the various tests will be discussed for you to understand why you hear the way you do.
  • After discussion if one will require the use of a hearing aid, the various types will be shown to you and advice on the best solution.
  • Hearing technology selection is done considering your Hearing level, lifestyle and personal preferences.
  • Detailed report with our recommendation for your management plan is always given after assessment. This is to ensure that you have the luxury of time to go through our recommendations carefully and make a decision when you are ready.
  • However, you want to go by our recommendations, we will start with your management plan immediately.
  • Impression will be taken to enable us get the shape of your ear canal to help us provide for you, Hearing aids, ear moulds and customized products that will give you best fit.
  • Appointment dates will be given for your hearing aid fitting. After fitting you will be given a thorough education on how to keep and handle your hearing aids.
  • We take great delight in efficiency and accuracy. Live programming of your hearing aid is done to ensure you have the best of hearing experience.
  • Follow up appointments are arranged to ensure that you are always satisfied.